French Institute
2/7* 6.30pm
Cine Alhambra,
La Garriga
7/7 7.30pm
*In the presence
of Adam Kalderon,
Damià Serra,...

FIRE!! in shorts

Shorts screening
A very special session featuring the most beautifully-made and thought-provoking shorts; optimistic, introspective, funny... In short, everything that we want FIRE!! to be!

After Elfie and her nerdy son August have successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd couple venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever seen!

Life is talking nonsense with the people you love.

Patrick Haggerty is growing up in the nineteen-fifties in Dry Creek, in rural Washington. As a teenager, he realises that he is gay and thinks that nobody notices. Then one day, his father, a farmer, gives him some advice that shows he knows his own child better than Patrick thought.

It is summer. Every afternoon, Adrián and his friends go up to a roof to watch girl sunbathing in the nude. But this afternoon will not be like the others: today, Adrián will realise later that one of his friends is more interested in the neighbour taking a shower on the rooftop next door.

A mother gives her teenage son some friendly advice in the car on the way home, after he has introduced her to his boyfriend for the first time. Their relaxed chat leads to revelations that will change their relationship forever.

Sofía is sixteen. She likes talking to her older sister who lives in the capital and she secretly smokes. Luján, her best friend, has a girlfriend and never hesitates to do what she wants. One night, Sofía kisses a girl! Luján realises both that she is in love and that falling in love is not an option.

For the last two weeks, Alex and Eric have been meeting to fuck but they do anything but that, because they are both active. Music, chats, films and a thousand and one joints, but nothing, not one good screw. Alex could go on like this forever, but just good fun is not enough for Eric, and this could be their last night…

Víctor likes to play with his gender, he is not sure whether he feels like a girl or a boy. He lives in a small fishing village in Almería with his mother and his girlfriend, Rahma. Secrets cannot last forever, though, and Víctor will have to face his mother and Rahma to defend the true image that he sees in the mirror.

“I’m not alone, I’m not alone... Boom! There goes my hart! And the cigarettes are getting stronger, longer, with you...”